Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mountaintop Finish, Mountaintop Beginning

We've reached that point in July where I've watched so much cycling that I start dreaming about cycling--with Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwin providing commentary. Long mountain stages lately, with me alongside the rider in the Polka Dot Jersey. Yep, me and Franco Pellizotti, the King of the Mountains. Franco doesn't have much to say.

As I'm writing this at midnight, it's early morning in France on the biggest mountain stage of the Tour--Mont Ventoux. For much of the tour the teams have worked together. Teammates have looked out for each other--whether pacing their leader up a climb or leading their fast man into the sprint at the finish. On Mont Ventoux many riders will have to face the mountain alone. Experienced riders, like Lance Armstrong and George Hincape, don't fear the mountain. They know what's coming. The new guys are a bit anxious. They all want to make it to the top, which is said to resemble the moon: barren and rocky, high altitudes robbing the air of oxygen.

It's difficult to climb to the top of the mountain.

There are 13 pages of results for "mountain" at Scripture compares God to a mighty mountain; the mountains bow to him; he can hurl a mountain into the sea. But I only found 1 mountaintop finish--Moses' death on Mt. Nebo.

Often the mountain is only a beginning:
Mt. Ararat
Mt. Sinai
The temptation of Jesus
The Mount of Transfiguration
The Great Commission

What's your mountain? Is it a difficult climb that drains your strength and leaves you breathless as you claw your way to the top? Or is it a challenge to grow closer to God who meets you on the mountain and reveals himself to you?

Shalom, y'all


Joanne Sher said...

So much to ponder here. The mountaintop is what we're striving for--and only God can help us.

Pat said...

Wow, Karen. That's awesome. Really, really good analogy and challenge.

and what a finish today huh? I wonder where pacing, sprinting, breaking away and holding steady all fit in? ; )