Saturday, July 11, 2009

Domestique: The Strong Servant

And speaking of the Tour de France....

A couple of years ago Versus did a feature on the domestiques, the men who spend the Tour supporting a fellow team member in his quest for glory. Although we usually only hear the names of individuals, this competition is a team sport and a strong (or weak) team makes a difference in whether or not the team leaders reach their goals. As talented as he is, even Lance Armstrong could not have won 7 tours without the help of his team.

I wrote this article for one of the FaithWriters challenges and just updated it for 2009. It's posted this week at The Cypress Times.

Domestique: The Strong Servant

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Joanne Sher said...

Remember this one - vividly, from the challenge. What an incredible message. Glad it's getting more "air time," Karen.

Pat said...

I was just thinking of this one today! I remembered it because it was so awesomely written. I was thinking, "Boy, I could never do that." Thumbs up!