Saturday, April 26, 2008



A few weeks ago DW brought home a small pot, full of potting soil, wrapped in the verse “I am the vine.”  While we adults listened to the sermon series on the “I AM’s” in the gospel of John, DW’s teachers were busy teaching the preschoolers this verse.  

I’m a little fuzzy on what they did in church that day.  DW mostly reports on who he played with and what they played. But he was excited about planting seeds.

We watered them (not too much) and watched them and one day 2 sprouts appeared.  Soon they needed better soil so we carefully transplanted them into a larger pot.  They’re growing slowly, teaching us patience, and rewarding our work with each additional leaf.

It’s not much of a leap to see that this is what I’m doing with my boys: planting seeds and watching them grow.  I nurture them, watch over them, then back away to let them grow. Periodically they surprise me with new understanding.

And just like our plant, they’re still growing.