Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Like Hot Fudge on a Cool Day

And I thought yesterday couldn't get any better. 

I got to exercise.  My children calmly entertained themselves and let me get a little housework done. And we visited the most delightful playground I've ever seen. (Honestly, it would take days to go on all the slides and climbers, not to mention the new "splash pad" with motion-activated water jets. I love this town.)

To top it all off--Pat, from Pat's Porch--gave me the "Your Blog is Fabulous" award.  Many thanks, Pat.

What a wonderful way to kick off the summer! 

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Pat said...

Ok Karen, how did you do it -- link my blog! I tried using the link thing when you 'compose' but I couldn't get it to go through. I copied and pasted, I copied and pasted short cut...nothing worked. (thank you though for the link--cool!) And I'm glad you found an awesome playground. Awesome ones are so cool and keep the kids busy. ; ) And have good shade. ; ) Especially important for us Floridians in the summer.
And you're welcome... ; ) A very deserving blog.
Just a few more weeks! Tour de France! (People probably think we're nuts)