Monday, June 29, 2009

High Temperatures

I looked at the month of June with some trepidation. How would we fill the time vacated by school and library and all our usual activities?

No problem.

Our new YMCA membership keeps us on the go with swim lessons and workouts for mommy--something to do nearly every weekday.

Then we caught The Virus.

Seems this nasty bug was going all around town. I was the first casualty. Then my DH. Then #1 son. Sore throat and a general achy feeling. I was down one weekend but nobody seemed to mind watching a little more TV and playing indoors. A few days respite then my son had it and ran a fever for many unnerving days.

By the end it all we had grown tired of endless viewings of "Go, Diego, Go!" The train set was getting a little boring (except for some excitement when an engine was hurled at my face by a bored 2-year-old). We hadn't been cooped up for that long since.....the last time someone ran a long fever.

Outside, we were having an unusually hot mid-June with a heat wave that took the breath out of even the most hardy Floridians. Cabin fever coupled with the threat of heat stroke while going out to get the morning paper. What fun!

We're all better now--and after a terrific week of Vacation Bible School--thankful to get back into our old routine.


Pat said...

And, my Tour de France just a few days time...whoop! Time trials! (sounds so weird getting excited about time trials) lol

Pat said...

Oh, so glad ya'll are feeling all better