Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Book Review: Grace by Max Lucado

Do we really understand what grace is?  Max Lucado doesn’t claim to know everything about grace, but he does know that grace is something we should stop and consider.  Instead of settling for sentiments about grace, we should be asking if grace has made a difference in our lives. 

This book contains the classic Lucado formula: conversational style, touching real life stories, lessons from scripture, and thoughts to take away.  This is not an academic study of grace, but a book about grace found in everyday life examined from different angles.

Lucado introduces us to a God who embraces us and purchases our souls at a price. He writes of the rest God offers to the weary. He examines what it means to offer forgiveness to our enemies.  He shares a personal account of grace experienced after confession of sin. We meet people who experienced God’s provision, generosity, and adoption into a family.  Finally, Max offers assurance that we can trust God’s grace.

While this book is enlightening and enjoyable, it would be most useful to read it along with completing the Reader’s Guide questions in the back.  Lucado’s friendly style makes this book easy to put down and walk away from, but the questions bring the reader back to Max’s point: Have you been changed, shaped, strengthened, emboldened, and softened by grace?

Recommended for self study, but would make an excellent group study.

I received a copy of this book from Thomas Nelson in return for an honest review.

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