Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's Spring. Time to Rake the Leaves

It happened last Saturday around 1:30 p.m.: the vernal equinox (or March equinox, if you will), the day when the Sun crosses directly over Earth's equator.  It's finally Spring.

My northern friends are beginning to wax poetic about snow melting and trees budding, daffodils blooming and birds chirping.

How do we know it's Spring in Florida?  The leaves finally fall off the trees.  No kidding.

I helped a neighbor rake a few leaves this past weekend.  I'm not that skilled in botany, but I'm assuming that our oaks have to shake off the rest of their dead leaves so that they can spout a full head of pollen. It's literally dripping from the trees right now, bringing on allergies and car washes.

Florida doesn't have seasonal changes in the same way that our northern neighbors do, but we sure know our own signs of Spring.  As the leaves fall gently into our yards and swimming pools, we look for these other heralds of the season:

Spring is here. Rake up the leaves and enjoy!

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