Saturday, May 02, 2009

Researching Ruth

Been working on my "Ruth" Bible study tonight.  I'm all set to teach chapter two on Sunday and I began working on the text of the introduction for the study--no more bullet points and "who's who" table on a handout.  I need to get the intro pulled together so I can start looking toward publication possibilities.

It's getting to be less of a stretch to go from "scholarese" to easy-to-read.  I'm greatly encouraged by classmates who have been giving me feedback and cheering me on.

I got off on a bit of a research tangent again at between the book of Ruth, Shavuot (when Ruth is read in the synagogues), and the study of Torah which is done on Shavuot.  All the time I'm reading I have Acts 2:1 in mind.  Thousands of Jews gathered in Jerusalem for Shavuot when Jesus' followers received the Holy Spirit. Pentecost forever tied to Ruth.  

Just can't help but think that Ruth was on the disciples' minds when the Holy Spirit came rushing in.

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Joanne Sher said...

What an awesome thought, Karen. REALLY wanna read/DO this study when it's done.