Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Gift for My Children

Attended a memorial service tonight. A neighbor of ours died too young (52), but she left behind so many happy memories for her family and friends. The service was sad, but there was also laughter as her son shared a story about traveling with smelly shoes and her husband told of how they met.

There was one awkward moment that made me think. A woman, I don't know the relation, got up and spoke of our friend's faith in Jesus. She challenged those in attendance to examine their own hearts and get into a relationship with God so that they can be with him, and our friend, in heaven. Our friend's daughter, in grief, retorted that her mother didn't believe in an exclusive heaven; that you only have to be good.

I want my sons to know Jesus. I want them to know of my faith so that they are confident of my and their salvation. That just reinforces my desire to share this with them starting while they're still young. I want them to have that assurance, not doubt.

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