Friday, November 07, 2003

Midterms and Arguments for the Existence of God

Wrote out my midterm today. It's hard to keep the answers to just a page. Here's a section:

Aquinas’s First Argument
1. Aquinas observed that, in the world, things are in motion.
2. Each thing that moves is put into motion by something else.
An object cannot move unless it is first moved by a mover.
A thing cannot be a mover, unless another mover moves it first.
3. Things cannot be both a mover and the thing moved at the same time. In other words, a thing cannot move itself. Each thing must be put into motion by another thing, which moves before it.
4. There cannot be an infinite regress of movers. If there is no first mover, then nothing that follows can move.

Therefore, there must be one thing that is outside this chain of movers, functioning as the prime mover.
This prime mover is God.

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